Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Some Changes

Now that it appears I may be out of work for a bit (which isn't all it is cracked up to be) I thought i would use this blog as a clearing house for various posts from other tea party sources.
This blog was originally intended as a list of tea party blogs which it will remain, but as long as i am sitting around, I will also place posts in the post section. How clever on my part.

The idea is to get others reading our blogs, getting the numbers up by linking, reading, commenting, etc. This is the only way we can get our message out there.

So with that being said, if you would like to link to this blog, email me at and send me the RSS feed if you have one, or the link to your home page. You can also send me links to either your blog posts or others you would like to see. I really want to keep this to blogs not news stories, etc.

Now, as some of you who read my stuff know I am sometimes at odds with some tea parties, but I promise I will publish views which are at odds with mine, as long as they are "Tea Party" related. I will also include "Constitution" related posts, "Liberty" posts etc.

One final thought, I also enabled Google Adsense for this blog. Since I am out of work and not on the government dole I need an inflow of cash, and while AdSense doesn't provide much (if any) it is something. With that in mind, I can only slightly control what ads are displayed. So when you see the Liz Warren ads or the Obama ads, don't take this as my endorsement of them.