Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Romney/Obama Round 2

Here are some samples of views on last night's debate. I personally didn't watch it live, but watched it this morning. Okay, I admit I shut it off after forty minutes opting to rake leaves instead. I am not a big fan o Town hall style debates and especially when the Moderator takes over. And of the first three questions asked, Barack Obama didn't answer any.
Flopping Aces gives the edge to Romney, noting that the moderator was obviously biased. My take, if the moderator is talked about more than the debate, then she or he was a problem. It's like referees at a football game, if they become part of the story, then there was a problem.

Mike's America doesn't really pick a winner other than saying Obama was stronger this time. He then discussed two of the Big O's lies, his statements on the Libyan attack and gas prices/oil drilling.

Local talk show host Michael Graham, gave the edge to Obama but also pointed out that "Crowley ran interference for Obama"

From western MA, the Conservative feminist calls it a draw

The Conservative Wahoo give the edge to Obama and points out how Romney missed a knock-out opportunity on Libya.

The Talk Show American talks post-debate polls, giving the edge to Romney.

Over at American Thinker most agree that Romney won, and that the moderator was a problem.

And Pete Da Tech Guy gives the edge to Romney.

That's a quick wrap up of what is being said out there on last night's debate. Remember if you want to add your link to our blog roll, email me at and i would be happy to do it. We need to get our word out there by cross linking, sharing, etc.

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