Thursday, October 11, 2012

Brown Warren Round 3

Here is our first attempt at rounding up what is being said in the local tea party blog world. As stated in yesterday's post, as long as I am out of work and have the time I will try to put something together to help gain exposure for us. That means send this link to others, and read the blogs!  Today's topic: The Third Brown/Warren debate.

The Right Side:

First from Tina out there in the best (West) part of Massachusetts, we have her take on last night's third debate.
One thing is certain, Elizabeth Warren has her talking point of “Billionaires” down, in fact, she has it memorized, and that appears to be about the extent of her “experience”. That and the woman can outright lie, but that fact, of course, is considered an “attack” if pointed out by Scott Brown or anyone else. One cannot dispute the facts, however, and Warren, who is outside her depth when it comes to the economy and foreign policy, how Brown voted (apparently she hasn’t visited the Congressional Record), and her own resume. 

The Middle:

The Left Side:

MassPoliticsProf and here plus all the usual suspects.


This short list, the important word here is short, was compiled at 10:34 AM. I will revisit it later, but does anyone notice anything here? Now I admit I have the luxury(?) of being home all day so I can write, but as of this time, I could only find one local blog on the debate from a conservative. 

This tells me one of three things:
  • It isn't that important to tea party types, which is okay, although I personally disagree. 
  • There are no tea party/conservative blogs out there.
  • No one has had time to write yet.
There is also a fourth reason, one which in my estimate would be the most important: We in the Tea party movement aren't getting onto search results for whatever reasons. Even the one local blog I have on this post, was one I have on my reader, not from the Google search engine. 

Does a blogger make a sound if no one hears him or her? Think about it. 

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  1. I very much like the changes that you have made to this page. I am very glad to see the inclusion of Pete Da Tech Guy. Keep up the good work and stay strong.